Self-bonding wire is a special wire that overcoated with a bonding layer on the top of base insulation, with this bonding layer, wires can be adhered to each other by heating or solvent. The coil wound by such wire can be fixed and formed by heating or solvent method.

Material Plastic property Bonding method Bonding temperature (℃) Max. temperature of application  (℃) Code of thermal property of bonding-layer
Polyvinylbutyral   Thermoplastic Solvent or Heat 120-140 140 SB
Polyamide Thermoplastic Heat 150-170 170 HB①
Polyamide Thermoplastic Heat 170-190 190 HB③
Polyamide Thermoplastic Heat 190-200 200 HB⑤
Polyamide Thermosetting Alcohol+heat 200-220 220 HB⑦


Code Bonding method Bonding condition Base insulation Thermal class Diameter(mm)
HB Heat bonding  110-220℃ UEW, SEIW, AIW 155, 180 0.010-0.60
SB Solvent bonding Methanol/Alcohol 155, 180 0.010-0.60


Voice coil; Buzzer; Vibration motor; Senior watch coil; Magnetic head; hearing aid coil; Slot Machine and IC card, etc.

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