TRANSMO had been introduced ISO9001:2015 quality management system, which covers every part and process. The effectiveness of the quality Management System is certified by 3rd party and will improve year by year. If you need the certificate please go to Document Centre to download.


TRANSMO has its own in house laboratory, which can provide complete tests of function and life to ensure supreme quality. Our close loop on-line laser measurement system are monitoring whole process to ensure full length of wire is good. Our quality engineers observe the chart of statistical process control and do 100% full inspection of each spool of wire. Our information and bar code system record every process, each spool of wire is traceable up to raw material, process and individual operator.


Workability of enameled wire is very important for customers. Different customer has different equipment and process technology, TRANSMO can supply wire suitable for different process to ensure the customers’ process smooth and in high efficiency. We can do more than the standard.