This is a group of wire served with fiber or silk. The material is including Dacron fiber, Nylon fiber, natural silk, bondable fiber (by Acetone or by heating).

No. of strands: From 2 up to 36000

Diameter of strand: From 0.020mm up to 0.60mm
Type of strand: UEW, SEIW, EI/AIW, AIW.
Overall diameter: 0.20-10mm
Cross section area: <50mm2


Identification of Served Litz Wire

Product range:

Served litz wire   

 ● Served Litz wire has all the features of Litz wire.
 ● During winding process, the layout of wire is smooth and in good order. Q value is high. Provide higher power for transformer.
 ● With the protection of served layer, the wire has better electrical strength after process.
 ● Improve the effect of lacquer process.
 ● The self bonding type may form the coil, it may reduce the structure and the process of component.


High frequency electrical transformer, solar inverter, inductor coil, wireless battery charger.