Litz Wire:

Inductive heating, magnetic components, power supply and power wireless transfer, transformer for high frequency, ultrasonic generators.

Litz wire is made of several strands of enameled copper wire that are twisted together. Litz Wire is used to reduce the losses caused by the skin-effect in high frequency applications. Compare with single wire in same cross section, the usage of Litz wire can reduce resistance and increase inductance, and increase the effectiveness and produce less heat. Meanwhile, Litz wire has much better mechanical flexibility.

Identification of Basic Litz wire:

Product range:


No. of strands: From 2 up to 36000
Size of strand: From 0.020 mm up to 0.60mm
Type of strand:UEW, SEIW, EI/AIW, AIW.
Overall diameter: 0.10-10mm
Cross section: < 50mm²

No. of turns or length of pitch: From 10 up to 1200 turns/m or 100-0.83mm 

Direction of turns: Z or S

● For High Frequency application, Litz wire can reduce Skin-effect, increase current density, reduce heat producing.

 ● The diameter of strand may be selected depend on the frequency of application.

 ● The Litz wire is more flexible and better anti-bending performance compare with solid wire.