Taped Litz Wire

 This is a wire or litz wire wrapped with a Mylar or other tapes made from different material and a certain overlapping rate.

Identification of Taped Litz Wire

 ● Taped Litz wire has all the features of Litz wire.
 ● High insulation strength.
 ● High thermal performance.
 ● High resistance to radiation (PI tape).


 Overlapping: 50%. 67%, 75%

Number of stands:1~36000
Diameter of strand: From 0.020mm up to 0.500mm
Type of strand: UEW, SEIW, EI/AIW, AIW.
Overall diameter:0.25~10mm
Cross section area: Max.50mm2

Product range:


Transformers requires for high Interlayer discharge voltage, motor, transformer and meter with requirements for high resistance to temperature and radiation.