High tension wire is special alloy wire designed for applications need the wire has higher tensile strength and anti-bending performance and designated as, DHT, SDHT, UDHT as described below. The wire has tensile strength 25% higher than pure copper wire, more durable, higher conductivity and with better anti-bending performance. Because HTW mostly used in electro-acoustic area, the wire usually is self-bonding wire. 

The wire is widely used in high class voice coil(micro speaker), receiver, magnetic head coil, mobile phone coil, moving coil.


Tensile strength(MPa) 240-270 290-340 350-390 400-450
Yield strength(MPa) 120-160 170-230 250-290 300-350
Bending proof performance(%) 100 125 560 910
Conductivity(%) 100 95 88 77



● The tensile strength is 20%-90% higher than copper wire (suitable for high winding process, prevent breakage of wire at pin connection).
● Conductivity >77%                    
● The properties of insulation and self–bonding layer is the same as enameled copper wire.                    
● Good solderability, the same as enameled copper wire.                    

Parameters of high tension wire

High Tension Wire

Identification of High Tension Wire