TRANSMO is a professional enameled wire manufacturer for fine and ultra fine enameled wire, rectangular wire, as well as Litz wire. The finest wire diameter reach 10 micron. TRANSMO have been a leading supplier for self-bonding wire and High Tension Wire. All the wire can be produced according to industry standards such as IEC 60317, NEMA MW1000, JIS C3202 or to customer specific requirements. TRANSMO wires is widely used in consumer electronics, telecommunication, automotive, new energy, IT industry and medical equipment.


With more than 15 years’ experience in manufacturing enameled wire, TRANSMO people adopt advanced drawing machines and enameling machines, precise processing technology, and seriously quality control to produce wire with reliable and consistent quality. From incoming material, semi product, final product and delivery, the whole process is well recorded and monitored, the advanced code management allow our products with unique code and production is traceable.


TRANSMO supplied wires worldwide for 70 customers in more than 20 countries. We are experienced in international trade, we know how to understand the need and concern of customer, how to deliver goods to customer in any place in time.


TRANSMO will work closely with our valuable partners, develop and provide perfect products, improve the life of people, save environment and pursuit harmonious with local communities. All team member work together to achieve the above mission and make the company growth, and the company provides team member with opportunity of stable job and value realization.