Rectangular or flat wire is that the shape of the conductor is rectangular or square, it has high advantages compare with round wire, more and more applications adopt this wire instead of round wire.

 Thickness: <2mm
 Width: <8mm
 Type of insulation: UEW, AIW
 Thermal class: 155, 180, 220.
 Self bonding type is available.

Product range:


The features and advantages: 

● The rectangular wire has more surface area. The feature may reduce skin-effect evidently.
● Rectangular wire may achieve higher space factor and space volume ratio, reduce resistance effectively, allow bigger current, get higher Q value and good for high current and high load applications. 
● Components made from rectangular wire have simple structure, good heat dissipation performance, stable and uniform.  
● Components made from rectangular wire have good EDI performance with low vibration, low noise and easy to mount.
● The wire makes components smaller for same power.

● No crack for edge-wise winding. 

Rectangular Wire

Identifications of Rectangular wire:

Inductor, transformer, filter, mutual inductor, motor, voice coil, solenoid valve.